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Primary Eye Examination

The Doctors and Staff at Optometry North Bay are well equipped and experienced at providing primary vision care to patients from age 1 to 101. Comprehensive eye examinations give emphasis to your eye’s refractive error and involves a discussion on options to correct that error which includes glasses, contact lenses, or potentially corrective eye surgery. When required we use imaging technology to gain a complete understanding of any vision threatening conditions suspected during the exam. If necessary we will treat and provide follow-up care for most eye conditions. If required, we will provide prompt and accurate referral to Ophthalmology (Eye Surgeons) to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Our Services

Contact Lenses Services

Contact Lens Services involve special consideration for your vision needs and the physical attributes of your eye. We provide one-on-one contact lens education and techniques to all suitable candidates here in the office. The optometrists are always involved in verifying the correct contact lens fit and the best contact lens vision. The most common contact lenses are soft disposable contact lenses, but our team is comfortable and experienced with fitting hard contacts lenses and other specialty contact lenses for treating a variety of eye conditions were glasses are not an option.

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Eyewear Gallery

Our team of staff and licensed opticians are happy to guide you through the fitting and selection of your new eyewear. We carry fashion frames from the top designers all the way to quality eyewear from unique boutique’s worldwide. With our in house edging and mounting services we can provide quality workmanship and accurate prescription glasses in a timely manner without having to ship your glasses out to the lab. We have a large selection of sunglasses from all the top suppliers which can be dispensed off the shelf or made to accept your prescription.

Emergency Eyecare

Vision is important, and so are having quiet and comfortable eyes. Whether there is a sudden change in vision, and newly recognized vision change, or redness and irritation, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to have a consultation with an Optometrist in a timely manner to ensure proper treatment can be provided as quickly as possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Our staff is well trained and experienced at scheduling and consulting on such urgent matters involving you eyes and vision. If needed, we will always communicate our results and treatments with your physician.

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Eyecare Technologies

At Optometry North Bay we continue to offer the latest technology to our patients to best document, describe, and diagnose any suspected or pre-existing ocular disease. Our primary imaging technique uses a Retinal or Fundus Camera to create a high resolution digital image of the back of the eye. This simple and painless procedure is now performed during all comprehensive eye examinations but is not an aspect of your eye examination that is considered an OHIP insured service.

The Optometrist may suspect or be monitoring ocular disease that is better defined using a non-invasive scan consisting of light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of the retina. This is called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The benefit of OCT over retinal photography is the ability of the doctor to see all the distinctive retinal layers. This technique is very successful at defining the presence or stage of swelling in the retinal, degeneration in the macula, presence or progression of glaucoma, and many other vision threatening conditions. OCT can be useful as a screening test for high risk patients, but is generally reserved for situations that warrant.

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